About Us


KO by KOLOTIY is about Ecology Personality it is the cornerstone for our brand, every our collection has a message that suppose to encourage people to be brave and explore who they really are.

From our side we explore the modern life and interpreter it's issues in a beautiful and inspiring way.

We believe that raising important social and personal questions is essential for healthy society. 

Healthy and happy people are more capable of caring about those who near and about nature so it bring us to the second cornerstone - sustainability.


What are we doing about sustainability



We use Tencel in our work a lot. At the time it is one of the most sustainable materials.

TENCEL or Lyocell fibers are produced with sustainably sourced, renewable raw material wood, using a environmentally responsible process. 

TENCELor lyocell and modal fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, thus they can fully revert back to nature.


No fur or leather 

From the very beginning of the brand we made the decision not to use fur or leather.

For us it was obvious choice because nobody should suffer for fashion. 

We are part of the Open Cages movement.



Local production

We work with local production it helps us to reduce emissions and energy usage.

Controlling the development of the product first-hand enables greater quality control and helps to reduce waste and overproduction.


We are always moving forward and exploring better ways to make ourselves better.